Defending the TRUE Godhead
Exposing Satan's Greatest Doctrinal Deception on God's Remnant Church

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"Satan's All Time Greatest Deception" - The Bible says his end time delusion will deceive the whole world, and possibly the very elect. Learn what this doctrinal deception is and how to escape it. He even has remnant Sabbath-keepers ignorantly breaking the first commandment while dutifully keeping the 4th commandment. Read online. Click book graphic to the left and a 290 page pdf will download quickly, usually within 15 seconds or less.

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 Another Deception?
 The Trinitarian Position
 The Non-Trinitarian Position
 Another Comforter
 The Third Person of the Godhead
 The Pioneers Speak
 The Alpha of Deadly Heresy – Part 1
 The Alpha of Deadly Heresy – Part 2
 The Fundamental Principles
 The Fundamental Beliefs
 The Shaking in God's Remnant Church
 11 Short Important Videos
 Trinitarians Break the First Commandment?
 Are Trinitarians committing blasphemy?
 Can Trinitarians be Worshipping Another
Jesus, Another Spirit and Another Gospel?
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 1 to 27 True Godhead vs.Trinity Topics
 28 to 54 True Godhead vs.Trinity Topics
 55 to 81 True Godhead vs.Trinity Topics
 82 to 108 True Godhead vs.Trinity Topics
 Does 1 John 5 vs. 7 Belong in the Bible?
 Matthew 28 vs.19 and the Trinitarian formula
 25 Important VIDEOS Regarding the Truth about the Trinity
 THE PROPHET STILL SPEAKS - A study of the Godhead – as it pertains to
Seventh-day Adventism - A theological and historical perspective -
470 pages - pdf - by Terry Hill (You can download to your computer)
 The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast - The Correct View - A MUST SEE!
 Graphics of the Godhead
 The SHAKING, What it Means and the Cause - A comprehensive presentation
of the issues
 Was Jesus Co-eternal as Trinitarians Teach?
 SDA Leadership and Deceived Laity Ignorantly Promote the Mark of the Beast
 When Satan Can Tempt No Longer - (Can we know when Satan can tempt
no longer?) YES we can!

“The Restorer of Paths to Dwell In” Chapters 30-42 are an excellent 13 lesson study for anyone who wants
a richer understanding of the TRUE GODHEAD, believed by Ellen White and the pioneers of Adventism.

“Putting the Pieces Together” Chapters 43-53 are an excellent resource for those difficult quotes by
Ellen White that Trinitarians use as evidence to prove their position. Learn what they really mean.

“The Godhead in Black & White” Chapters 54-60 are an excellent resource to reveal the stark contrast between truth and error;
to unmask a deadly deception of Satan, and the means by which it may be successfully discarded; to present a satisfactory
weight of evidence regarding the Godhead, shedding such light upon the doctrine as to justify and make fully manifest
the position of truth; and to show the holy, unchanging character of our great God, is the object of this booklet.

Subject matter of the next 5 chapters: 61 - Jesus and the Trinity (Video and scripts available);
62 - Appeal to Ted Wilson; 63 - 6 videos on whether keeping the Feast Days is required;
64 - 4 videos of former Feast days keepers; 65 - Was Jesus begotten back in eternity?;
66 - The Order of Melchizedek - Parts 1 & 2; 67 - The Authority of the Son