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Feast Days - Are They Still Binding?

by Revelation1412.0rg
Chapter 63

Statement from The question of the feast days is one that we get regularly asked about. We have found that many people within the Godhead community are wondering about them. Are the feast days binding on us today? Do we have to keep them? Are they ceremonial or moral?

On this page we share some resources and information that helps answer these and other related questions.

Feast Days vs. The New Covenant - Nader Nansour 1:25:33
The Feasts and the Apostles - Imad Awde 1:11:48

Better Hope - Imad Awde 1:00:07
The Murdered Preacher - Nader Nansour 1:01:54

The Two Mediators - Nader Nansour 1:04:13
From Liberty to Bondage - Imad Awde 1:00:32

For Testimonies of Former Feast Day Keepers go to Chapter 64