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 Chapter 16
Topics 1-27
 Chapter 17
Topics 28-54
 Chapter 18
Topics 55-81
 Chapter 19
Topics 82-108
Defending the TRUE Godhead
Exposing Satan's Greatest Deception on God's Remnant Church

27 More Topics, Questions and Statements
concerning the True Godhead vs. the Trinity - 28 to 54

Chapter 17

Seventh-day Adventists tenaciously embrace the Sabbath. No one is going to attempt to convince them they are wrong. It’s the seal of God. No way would they ever go back to Sunday. There is an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

But, Satan has led the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, with all its highly educated leaders and teachers, into an even greater deception. We have so underestimated the powerful intellect of Satan, that most SDA's are under a strange delusion that we cannot be deceived?

Study these informative topics by author Geoff Lohrere for your information and soul's salvation sake.

 28. How Many Beings Involved in Creation?
 29. How was the SDA Church Changed to Think the Holy Spirit is a Person?
 30. In Christ is Life, Original, Unborrowed, Underived
 31. Is God’s Spirit Another Being Because it has Mind, Will and Emotions?
 32. Is Jesus a real Son and God a real Father?
 33. Is Jesus fully Divine Being the Literal Son of God?
 34. Is Jesus God?
 35. Is Jesus God the Father?
 36. Is Jesus the Literal Son of God?
 37. Is Jesus the Son of God?
 38. Is the Holy Spirit a God?
 39. Is the Holy Spirit a “He” or “It”?
 40. Is the Holy Spirit a Third Being or the Spirit of Christ?
 41. Is the Holy Spirit Eternal?
 42. Is the Holy Spirit the Father of Christ?
 43. Is the Holy Spirit the Third Highest Being in Heaven as the Trinity doctrine Claims?
 44. Is the non-Trinitarian view a God given Pillar of Faith to the SDA Church?
 45. Is the Trinity Doctrine Antichrist?
 46. Is the Trinity doctrine in the SDA Church the same as the Catholic Church?
 47. Is Titus 3:4 Referring to God or Christ as our Saviour?
 48. Most Have NO IDEA What the TRINITY Doctrine is or that it is a Creation of Satan to Steal your Soul!
 49. Names for the Godhead Compared
 50. Questions that Need Answers on Ellen White and the Trinity
 51. Should Christians use the phrases God the Son and God the Spirit?
 53. The Bible was Written by Non-Trinitarians and so is a Non-Trinitarian Book!
 54. The deception of LeRoy Froom and his book Evangelism.


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